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Welcome 2015!

New Videos for ADDAC301 Series

ADDAC System Season's Greetings

New Videos for ADDAC206 Switching Sequencer

New ADDAC OSX App to clean and rename SD Cards for .WAV Players, say bye bye to the old file naming convention!

We come with good news for all .WAV Player users using OSX! 
It was reported that the good old Hidden Cleaner App does not work on Mavericks, with this in mind we thought of creating our own App to replace it and while we were at it we added the feature that this app will rename and organize all files to the naming convention so that you don't have to do it anymore!
The console view will show you all the renaming done, so you can also track which files went to which position. 
This is our Beta version, drag an SD Card to it and it will: 
Erase all existing directories 
Erase all files not ending in .WAV 
Force Rename all .wav files to consecutive names 
Clean OSX hidden files 
Eject SD Card 
Reports/feedback is welcome! 
Here's the download link: 
.WAV files still need to be Mono, 16bit 22050hz. 
We're also working on a Windows solution, stay tuned!