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Introducing ADDAC611 Gotharman's VC Tube Filter

This module was developed upon the Tubaz Filter which was released in 2014 by Gotharman but currently no longer in production. We loved the original module so much that we officially licensed it’s circuit and expanded it to feature several new functionalities. 
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New Video with ADDAC307 Heart Sensing!

Now stocking Tendrils Right Angle Patch Cables, 5 sizes, 5 colors.

Tendrils are right angle slimline eurorack patch cables designed for close patch points, semi-permanent connections and live performance systems.
More Clearance, Less Clutter.
Available in 5 colors: Black, Fuchsia, Cyan, Lime and Yellow
Each pack contains 6 patch cables.
Only 12mm high when patched
TS to TS (mono/unbalanced)
3.5mm nickel plated plugs
2mm slimline PVC jacket
26 AWG copper wire
Flexible strain relief
Spiral shielding
Spiral shielding