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SO-NO-RO-A Modular Backpack

ADDAC Frames Transportation Backpack
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YUKI's SO-NO-RO-A modular backpack was specially designed for ADDAC SYSTEM. This backpack provides you all the functionality and safety you need to carry most of ADDAC System's wood frames, external power supply, cables, laptop, tablet or anything else your performance might need.

Modular synthesizers are complex musical instruments, usually big in size. Hence the need to develop a solution that focuses on portability, safety and weight.

SO-NO-RO-A modular backpack is comprised of four different elements. These can be interchangeable according to your needs modifying and adapting the carrying capacity and organisation of your backpack.

SO-NO-RO-A complies with airlines carry-on bags size so that you never loose sight of your instrument.

Constructed from laminated car seat fabric together with foam padding it provides extra safety, comfort and durability.

Dedicated for use with patched or unpatched:
ADDAC901 3U and 6U Upright Frames
ADDAC901B Baby Frames
ADDAC901D Diamond Frames
ADDAC901F 3U and 6U Flat Frames
ADDAC909E 2A Power Supply Unit

This solution is also compatible with other brands’ frames including MakeNoise 3 and 6U Frames and can have other functions besides carrying musical instruments.


These are now available to order through YUKI's website

YUKI is a brand that expresses itself by creating bags and accessories in multiple shapes and sizes using cut-offs from automobile seat cover manufacture. In the past years, YUKI has been promoting partnerships with different music festivals in Portugal. Now it’s delighted to announce a new partnership with ADDAC System.



SO-NO-RO-A modular backpack


SO (back):
separating zipper (with slider)
adjustable shoulder straps
internal velcro adjustable straps

width: 33 cm
depth: 12 cm
height: 46 cm


NO (front):
separating zipper (without slider)
internal velcro adjustable straps

width: 33 cm
depth: 12 cm
height: 46 cm


RO (front):
separating zipper (without slider)
1 full-width internal zippered pocket
2 internal pockets with velcro closure

width: 33 cm
depth: 4 cm
height: 46 cm

detachable foam separator and laptop compartment
detachable adjustable belt to be worn around the backpack

laminated car seat fabric
foam padding
waterproof lining


A (pouch):
zip closure
adjustable waist belt

width: 30,5 cm
depth: 9,5 cm
height: 16,5 cm

laminated car seat fabric
waterproof lining