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Active VC Splitter

3 Way Active Splitter
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This utility “Stompbox” was developed thinking in guitar pedal setups and engineered to allow flexibility and new ways to interconnect them while preserving all of the input tone. We guarantee no tone difference when plugging instruments through them. 

Vactrol based VCA at instrument level allows CV control over the audio signal of any of your pedals without the need to change from line to synth levels. 

Due to the linear behaviour of our VCA, it allows to turn most expression pedals into one the best volume pedals you’ll ever experience. When using expression pedals they will offer smoother and better control of volume. This also means you won’t have the typical drastic boost at the end of the pedal. 


1 input, 3 outputs
Vactrol based VCA with CV / Linear Expression Pedal input and Control Level Knob for initial volume level.
Attenuator push button changes between CV and Exp. Pedal levels
Powered by 9v battery (extremelly low power consumption, ±200 hours) 


This splitter allows one input to be splitted to 3 outputs while keeping all of the input tone.
When connected, CV or Expression Pedal directly controls the volume of Output 1.
Outputs 2 and 3 feature a jumper each to select between Pre or Post VCA Output. 


Usage examples:
Distribute your instrument through several amps.
Send your instrument to an Amp and to a soundcard simultaneously.
Split you instument signal through diferent effect paths, allowing parallel effect chains. 


Behringer FCV100 and Moog EP2 are the two expression pedals that we can recommend but any expression pedal with a stereo jack will work. 
Line 6 exp. pedals need to be hacked to be compatible.