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New Firmware Update for ADDAC222, introducing new Control method!

We've just released a new Firmware Update for our ADDAC222 CV TO NOTES!

You can download it from the module's page:

Last update version: B_0,  February, 7th, 2018

B_0 changes log:
.Added a 3rd Mode for notes output: Gate Follower with Sustain:
  . Notes On/Off will follow the respective channel Gate input, When the Gate is On the note will become active and inactive when Gate drops to Off.
  . Sustain will allow to hold the notes played ignoring the Gate off signal

  New Control Mapping:
    . All Notes Off = GATE On/Off Input
    . Notes Off Buttons and Inputs = Sustain

.Also corrected some issues with holding notes when changing midi channels and number of voices.